New Zealand prides itself as being   the least corrupt in the world  however this is a perception  an perceptions    as in this case are often   wrong.

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The most common definition is that corruption consists in the misuse of public power  for private benefits.

The survey by Andvig et al (2000, 15 ff.) identifies six forms of corruption:

  1. bribery, defined as the payment (the bribe) interchanged in a corrupt transaction—according to Rose-Ackerman (1996) bribes are paid to receive benefits or to avoid costs;
  2. embezzlement, which is theft of resources by those who have the responsibility to administer them—described in Shleifer and Vishny (1993) as corruption with theft;
  3. fraud, defined as an economic crime involving trickery, swindle or deceit, like deliberate falsification, manipulation or embezzlement of information;
  4. extortion, that is money or resources extracted by the use of coercion,violence or threats;
  5. favouritism, is the abuse of power which implies a corrupted distribution of resources and thus a violation of allocative efficiency, and
  6. nepotism,as a special form of favouritism, where decision are biased in favour of family or clan members.

soure : Corruption and Privatisation of Infrastructure



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  • matt:

    hey there im writeing to you about a complant i issued agaist a high ranking officer in c.i.b who handle our cases in court he with held my phone for year and half denied me my right to an adult pressent and wouldnt take our own account of the story fully i.e police where mentionted in the case and he just dismised it as no that woundnt do that and didnt write it down i put this to the police commision all i got back was we will not investage because this happend to long ago yes it is a long time ago 3/4years but back 3/4 years ago i didnt know anything about the law so how could i mention it any early and it might of been mention alot eariler if my basic right was not takeing of me ie all minnor must be accompaned by an adult while been question we ask for this right to be upheld many of times but was dissmised as if an adult would be presnet they would take our complaint so there was no choose the name of the snr sgt in cib that did this is richard morrsion

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