stack of paperI had intended to post on this  site everyday during the pre election period and I notice to my horror that it has been a week since my last post.  I have been busy  but    not he way I intended to be  and I will make certain that my time was not wasted.

Not long after I  announced my intention to stand I was sued by my former lawyer  Evgeny Orlov.  Evgene  or Eugene  as many know him   like to  live in the grey area of law. confusion  and   burying people  under mountains of paper are his best  skills .

I am a former client of  Orlovs  firm Equity law, I used to work in the office and saw how it operated. Orlov was so scared that I would talk he took me to court to get a restraining order  when I had not done anything except breathe . That order  expired  last November .

Now I am under siege again The tactics he uses  is to throw so much at you that   you will either go broke  engaging a lawyer  or if you do it yourself that you will  miss something vial and he will   squeeze in and  annihilate  you in court.

Orlov   is no longer  a lawyer but is practicing through a proxy , Giving her heaps of experience at my expense,  guess its his way of getting money for her. Last week he filed yet another set of proceedings this time   his lawyer  Greg Stewart is trying to to get a protection order through his client Orlov  to prevent me from  publishing anything about Greg   Stewart. Julia  Leenoh and  George Bogiatto      this is the application here application restraining order. The  bits they complain of are here  and at the links at their name.. seems like  transparency and truth dont serve them well .They prefer to work invisibly .

This getting a restraining order for yourself through your client while working  in a conflicted position by acting agaisnt a former client  must be a first in New Zealand  and  it  will be  testing the   conflict of interest  rules to the  absolute hilt .

As can be seen in his application filed through  lawyers  Stewart & Associates Equity Law,( whose address  and phone numbers are  those of  Equity law) , Mr Orlov requests

Restrain the Respondent from publishing any material that may
directly or by inference lead to his identification or any other details
about his previous practice and all associated members of the practice
that has now merged with Stewart & Associates, explicit or implied,
on the Respondent’s blog Transparency New Zealand or any other
online forum accessible by the public which she can moderate”

So what has he got to hide ?    the strange thing is that he has already taken defamation proceedings   and  I have an open offer on the table to him that all he has to do is  ask me to amend what has posted and  It will be done.

But basically he  does not like the idea that I provide transparency   e.g  Look at this document  from the companies office .  the  document is an application to remove  the  company SWEDLINK TRADE LTD from the register .

The director is Inta Bilder  the form was   completed by Equity trust International  which uses the same address and pone number as  Equity law barristers Limited

This application is supported by the alleged minutes of the company. Now to grasp the complexity of this meeting you have to note that the director Inta Bilder is Latvian , lives in Latvia, the  director of the shareholder  is in  Cyprus and he company is registered  to  level 4 44 Khyber pass road Grafton Auckland

I believe that there is very good reason that the minutes don’t  state where the meeting was held  or  who was present  as is usual for minutes.  the share holder is Interhold  directed by  Manti EFFROSYNI.

Now look at the   last page   Equity  trust   uses the   email address  which is registered to equity law barristers limited

Now lets look at the players

Inta Bilder is widely  reported in the international and local  press

NZ shell company linked to alleged $150m fraud |

The Latvian Proxies

Massive Ukrainian government money-laundering system

Latvian pair behind firm named over Quinn payments

New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia

Erik Vanagels™ – the extent of a money laundering

a search of  the companies he has been involved in  records that he once held    834  companies  in  New Zealand  .A recent search reveals that the following are still  showing Inta Bilder as the director

Shareholder  Interhold

BREND DEVELOPMENT LIMITED (2514944) – Shareholder
COMMERCIAL EXPORT LIMITED (2410887) – Shareholder
CROSSIMPEX LIMITED (2259084) – Shareholder
EXMONT IMPEX LIMITED (2196237) – Shareholder
LCK MERCHANTS LIMITED (2200979) – Shareholder
TRIOGROUP ALLIANCE LIMITED (2386331) – Shareholder

Shareholder Maxhold

BENTLEX LIMITED (1964808) – Shareholder
CARGOTEX LIMITED (2084625) – Shareholder
EXPORTEX LIMITED (1964816) – Shareholder

Shareholder Unihold

BALLEX UNIVERSAL LIMITED (1907994) – Shareholder

As well as being registered to the premises  of  Equity law limited   these companies  are all ultimately owned by Liliya Soboleva  eh wife of  Evgeny Orlov  as per this diagram company structure

Many of the companies have  now been struck off through a major cull carried out by the companies office  but those named above remain.

Moving on to the next name on the list  Equity trust International  

company records show 2 directors

Steven James GREEN

138 Weymouth Road, Manurewa, Auckland, 2102 , New Zealand

Greg Roderick STEWART
Unit 5, 27 Fache Street, Clyde, Clyde, 9330 , New Zealand
Steven Green is  the same Steven Green who gave a  testimonial for  Equity law .  and Greg Roderick STEWART is the  lawyer who is ” independently ” through the merged  law firm  suing my butt off .
The company is owned by Liliya Soboleva  Orlovs wife . The  web site is owned By
Registrant Organization: Equity Trust ltd
Registrant Street: 3033004
Registrant City: Auckland
Registrant Email:
Admin Name: Evgeny Orlov
Admin Organization: Equity Trust ltd
Articles by by Evgeny Orlov, Barrister, Equity Trust International (New Zealand)

Why Trust a New Zealand Trust

Is New Zealand the Switzerland of the South Pacific?

Avoiding Death and Taxes When Investing in Property – The Benefits of a New Zealand Foreign Trust for Property Investors  Contributed by Evgeny Orlov, Barrister, Equity Trust International (New Zealand) []

Avoiding Death and Taxes When Investing in Property. the benefits of a New Zealand Foreign Trust for property investors by Evgeny Orlov, Barrister, Equity Trust International (New Zealand) International property investors have realised that property is one of the best forms of investment. Of course, provided that you are not stuck in a particular location: [...]

See his very convincing  spiel  here he is a Human rights lawyer but does not   respect the human rights of freedom of expression when it comes to him .In my experience  He doe not  practice what he preaches. Love the bit about looking after  clients.. he   gave me false invoices   and over charged me and agave me  grossly sub standard work

director    Manti EFFROSYNI    11 Stavrou Stylianidi Street, Nicosia, CY-2023 , Cyprus
shareholder :GENHOLD LIMITED  Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton
GENHOLD LIMITED director:  Fernando Enrique MONTERO DE GRACIA  Calle Primera, Panama Viejo, House 496, Panama City, Republic Of Panama  Shareholder :TRUST (NZ) HOLDINGS LIMITEDLevel 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton
It has to be noted that Interhold was  also the   shareholder of  Falcona systems  which was involved in 150 Million dollars  money laundering


Manti EFFROSYNI NZ company involvement

news items relating to Manti  Effrosyni as below

Forgery and corruption ties – gun Latvian Raiders

New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia

Power embezzlement

Day October 22: The son of the former president and international mafia

What is this firm Interhold Ltd, which manages $ 45 million asset M.Bakieva?
Try to find out. The company is registered at the Khyber 44, Auckland, New Zealand. Her owner is registered in Cyprus Genhold Limited, whose director Cypriot Manti Effrosini (Manti Effrosyni) concurrently is director 88 New Zealand companies. ”  (Copied From Google translate)

So that is it in a nut shell folks  the reason why a human rights lawyer  doe snot  wish me to have freedom of expression  .  By stating  the facts above he thinks I am defaming him.
 I am however quite flattered  with the statement  he made  in the application for restraining order ..
Not only are the allegations and articles Ms Haden posts, ve1y offensive
and distressing, they cause further concern to the safety of my family,
myself and my legal acquaintances because of Ms Haden’s capabilities as
an ex police woman and private investigator. I fear that if Ms. Haden is
not stopped in this way, she will stop at nothing to destroy myself and all
the people around me all because of the fact I brought a legal proceeding
against her.
As a private Investigator I  find   evidence , if it does not exist  I can only say that I cannot find it  and it appears not to exist , I cannot find something which is not there   and I do not ” create”  evidence , I collate  it
If I was  not  being hauled through the courts I don’t waste my time looking   but when  I have to  defend myself I go for the best evidence. That is my right.
 I deal in evidence truth , verified truth  and facts  .
I find it amusing that I am accused of  “destroying ”  Mr Orlov.  he also made that   claim agaisnt Judge Harrison  and another lawyer  who  he took to court.
I suspect that mr Orlov  has a phobia abut  being “destroyed ”    Evgeny, if you dont attack  people  they wont  fight   back .  When you attack me  I fight back and scream at the top of my voice.   I consider the three concurrent court actions against me because I complained  about your false invoices as an attack , an assault using he court as a weapon .
 I am  NOT going to stop screaming until you stop assaulting me.
 I  Will have more coming on the trail of debts  of Mr Orlon and he people who have been left out of pocket.
 Should have this for you tomorrow.

Not too long ago  we  posted an article with regards to Milk New Zealand Holding , this is the company which  is purportedly  owned  by  Shangai Pengxin

The  office of overseas investment OIO Assessment at page  four stated

The Applicant is Milk New Zealand Holding Limited (“the Applicant”), a Hong Kong incorporated company which is an
overseas person under the Act.

The Applicant will register as an overseas company under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993 prior to acquiring the Investment.

It transpired that the  applicant  did not   comply with this direction   instead  another company named  Milk New Zealand Holding was registered as a New Zealand company   with a share holder initially unidentified but later revealed to   be Milk New Zealand  Investment  a  company registered in the British Virgin islands .

I requested information from the companies office   through FYI  and a response has  been received  .

MILK NEW ZEALAND INVESTMENT LIMITED  is indeed registered in the British Virgin islands , but the  companies register  there does not  disclose who the share holders  are .

The British Virgin Islands company was   registered on  24 May 2012  , the company which registers off shore   incorporation has provided a certificate of incumbency    which presumably is only accurate as  at the date it was issued.

Additionally   the  final paragraph it  states that the register may be kept elsewhere and their records may not be up to date .. so fat lot of use that certificate is  .

But  going back   to the instructions   of   the OIO   it states   The Applicant will register as an overseas company under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993 prior to acquiring the Investment.

The  agreement therefore  between the applicant and the government   has not been complied with    and the  Purchaser  has no   obligations to fulfill the    conditions  as the purchaser is not the applicant , it is a grand son   who has the same name .

It is the   company  in between the applicant  and   purchaser which is of concern  as     this is the  weakest  and   a very non transparent link in the chain .

I wonder  if any one will do anything about it ? I have sent the  open letter below to the ministers  .

Sent: Wednesday, 10 September 2014 10:01 a.m.
To: ‘'; ‘'; ‘’

Open letter to the Ministers  of finance,   land information  and  economic development  and OIA request

I wish to draw your attention to the fact that  the purchaser of the Crafar  farms   was not the company which applied to and was approved by the OIO

The directions of  the OIO  appear to have  been ignored , these  were  that “The Applicant will register as an overseas company under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993 prior to acquiring the Investment.”

The resulting group of companies went on to purchase more farms  and a deception/error occurred which caused the OIO   to state at point  16  of the application for the purchase of the  Synlait farms

“In 2012, Milk NZ was granted consent to acquire 16 dairy farms known as the Crafar Farms (“Crafar Farms”). Consent was granted subject to extensive conditions, including annual reporting. The Overseas Investment Office has recently received Milk NZ’s first annual report and is satisfied that Milk NZ is not in breach of any conditions of consent.”

But the report which  was produced was not from the applicant  in the Crafar application  but   from  a company   which  has the same name and purports  to descend from the applicant.

The statement  on the OIO web site  states “Milk New Zealand Holding Limited (Milk NZ), the company that purchased the 16 former Crafar Farms last year, has submitted its first annual report to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).” This statement is  true however it was not the company which was approved to purchase the farms , it was in effect a name sake  with   questionable genealogy.

The annual report  furnished    further complicates  matter s by referring to the purchaser of the  farms as being Pengxin New Zealand Farm Group, which is a subsidiary of  Milk new Zealand Holding  (NZ)    as opposed to  a direct subsidiary of Milk  New Zealand Holding,  (HK)  the applicant  .   As a fraud investigator I am aware that  through the use of names  assumptions  can be made which  divert     those    who accept the assumption away from the truth.

In between  the company ,which was the applicant  Milk NZ holding ( HK)   and milk New Zealand Holding ( NZ)   is  a non-transparent  and unscreened ,unapproved   entity called Milk New Zealand investments  .This  has a certificate of incumbency dated  5 december 2013, which by its own  disclaimer may or may not be accurate.

Milk  New Zealand holding the applicant    is not the   purchaser or the  direct   owner of the purchaser  and   this may bring about   issues    of its own as the purchaser is not  a party to  any of the conditions agreed to   with the OIO .

There appears to be a disconnect between the OIO  and the  MED .   No one has   verified that the   applicant  has been properly  registered as directed as an overseas company under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993.

 It would appear that the provisions of  the act specified under  the heading  Overseas companies has not been complied with .

As per section 15 of the companies act,  each  company is a separate legal entity , therefore   the applicant considered by the OIO  and the purchaser are two separate legal persons.

By way of OIA   please provide   copies of any documents in which   any of the ministers or ministries have considered the fact that  the applicant in the  Crafar farms  deal was  not the   purchaser . And   please provide copies of  any consents   which  have allowed the  purchaser to be different from the  applicant .

I ask this  under urgency due to the Lochinvar station being negotiated  and if falsehoods exist   then this should be  addressed  prior to the sale  going through.



Grace Haden


What would happen   if the  silent majority was not  silent ?

Imagine if  every one who is  eligible to vote  voted .

The undecided would become the deciders  and we may all  be better off because of them .

Instead of not voting  if all non voters voted  for nothing but ” other minority parties ”  which received .48%  of the vote in the last elections  their  vote take woudl be increased  to  34.63%   which would be  3.47%  more than National  got in the  last elections .

Now wouldn’t that be a  left field game changer  ?

These minority parties  would be in a position  to form a government with any one   . They could   actually form a Government  with every one except national and Labour .

They could throw out    consultants, advisers  and  just runt eh country on good  old common sense  .

It would be any ones guess  who would be prime minister  but I certainly do hope that   the first thing this parliament  would address is corruption  .

I have no doubts  that those in  the Grey are those  who can help us beat the  1% .. are you in  ????


  Petition for an independent lawyers authority

What is the point of having laws if there  is no accountability to it?

We have screeds of legislation  which applies to lawyers  but just about every time  a complaint  made to the law society  comes back with the words that the lawyer concerned does not meet the threshold   for that rule or offence  or it is written off  in some other lame manner  without real consideration of the rule has been breached or not .

We appear to have allowed a  Grey area creep into law a decision which says technically they have  broken the rules or ignored them  but we dont think that it has done serious damage.  Should we  perhaps  re write our laws  so that  the  law can be broken  by 5%  , 10%   or even totally ignored or sat theft is not a theft is  the sum is less than , or   too bad he stole your TV  but because it was old it doesn’t matter.   Or simply apply  the law  selectively  to people  who you think   has  good reputation which will be tarnished by  a conviction  regardless of the facts.

I think I may have  hit the problem on   the head there as our legal system is built  on the 12 the century  legal concept  in  Britain.There were four inns of court  Grays InnLincoln’s Inn,   Inner Temple,    Middle temple , the links will take you  on a fascinating    voyage of discovery .

It  is perhaps not  very surprising that the words   Bar, standing  and  Inns   are all associated with the   law  .That is why only those standing  can  be at the bar, I can only guess that the others  were under the  table  or  dead in a corner  .

Through the   involvement of the Knights Templar and the  inns,  religion was a tool used  control  those both in the  Inns  and those   on whom the law was practiced. The Fear that  some harm would befall them  would  get any  one  to confess except those  who secretly knew that  you could tell lies and get away with it.

But fast forward to  2014, knights in shining amour are out, religion has been  shown not to  deliver the thunder bolts and lighting  to those who  do not speak the truth  or act honourably  . So what do we do  we   say to the lawyers   go and form an organization and control yourselves. New Zealand Law Society

As a safe guard we   set up  the LCRO    to which you can appeal  if you dont like what the law society does  but  we make certain that the people on the LCRO are appointed in consultation with  the law society  and also funded by them.

Because of the lack of funds the LCRO is desperately under resourced  and there appears to be a wait of some 2 years  before the matter is determined by the LCRO , evidence of this is  shown  in the dates of  the determinations .

To expedite matters and  to make it appear that most of the lawyers are good  guys   the law society ” writes the complaint off ” in their  early resolution process, this has the effect that people   just done bother making complaints   as it is simply a waste of  their time.  Their actions with lawyers are more akin to that of a mother of a very spoiled  only child  , rather than a mother of 10  who  in years gone by would have given   the culprit a good reason to remember why he has to stick to the rules.

I   have   only ever had one successful   complaint to the law society  and  that took 3 years to complete .  I was to get $30,000   after  false invoices had been issued .

As a former police officer I find it appalling that a person with  the full weight and responsibility of upholding the law and being an officer of the court    can  commit  acts which  when I was a police officer  were crimes .I have seen people locked up for  stealing  a packet of tobacco  yet here  I have been deprived of a massive sum   through false accounting and the  offender   is now suing me for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and liquidation are two processes used to  ” take some one   out ”   which liquidation of a company is the equivalent of killing off an opponent, bankruptcy is as close as you can  legally get to  bopping off a person  who gets in your way and if  they resit  they will son find that another $3,000 is added  to the bill.

This week a  Lawyer was  jailed for stealing from clients  this brings about the question, what is the threshold for theft? In my day a theft was a theft  but it appears that now thefts are acceptable up to a certain limit.

I have also become aware that  the law society  has a process which takes time  and  does not allow for intervention . Since  filing my  complaint with regards to  Evgeny Orlov  in  February 2011,   he has  taken me to court no less than four times  and my matter  has still not been resolved.

He is currently trying  to bankrupt me over $3,000  and  sue me for $500,000 .   All these court processes have   strict time frames  and   is  taking my time.  It has occurred to me that if he  bankrupts me for $3,000 all  my  issues will go away    and when your broke there is no point in coming after you for more dosh  cause your bankrupt.. It must be the  best  place to be. Perhaps Mr Olov is  trying to make me an example after all he   is in the business of setting up trusts  so that people  can hide their  money overseas .

A  very good example  of how the  process is abused  is  that   Orlov  who was struck off as a  lawyer but  has had a reprieve and can practice   again if the was to get  a practicing certificate , is running his practice through  Julia Leenoh  a   very junior junior   who is working under the supervision of Greg Stewart of Stewart and associates  in Alexandra and claiming to be a branch called Stewart and associates equity law.

She operates from the premises of Equity law and    any one not knowing would think that it is business as usual at equity law.   To  give  Leenoh  some practice Orlov   has become the client  and  is suing  me and a friend of mine.

My friend received a letter from  Leenoh stating  that they wont proceed against her  because she was joined by “mistake ” and since she  didn’t engage counsel   they wont be  costs owing

Now I consider  taking court action without   any evidence  as an abuse of process , it is akin to beating some one up  with a piece of 4 x2  and saying  sorry  wrong person  , didn’t mean to  hurt you .

But the law society will no doubt look at this and say no harm  done  and leave the door wide open to the next lawyer to make the same mistake.

In the mean time the person who has had  the court action filed agaisnt them has  how many sleepless nights?

This ” mistake  ‘ is actually a breach of the rules   and   the law society   has a duty to keep lawyers accountable to the rules , but the reality is that it works well for  lawyers not to be hard on   this  kind of thing  as it gives them something to put pressure on people with  .

This is not the only mistake   there have been many  , perhaps  it is the incompetence which the  judges upheld as being present in Orlov.  But  when you are paying  a lawyer  big $   like  20 times your hourly rate you expect competence  and  you dont expect mistakes  and you  dont expect to be practiced on.

It is for such  incidents ,  that I believe that the law society  should not be the both  the  body which disciplines  lawyers and holds them accountable .   I have drawn up a petition to segregate the functions of the law society  being 65 Regulatory functions  and 66 Representative functions. And to ask the government to set up one organization which    is dependent of Lawyers and only has the regulatory functions   so as to  hold lawyers truly accountable to the law.

A matter  follows   from complaint to law society , to LCRO to  tribunal   and  even after that there is  appeal

I am 4 years in on my matter and we have not hit the LCRO yet  , the LCRO will need at least 6 months to make a decision  then    there can be an appeal to the tribunal . Bankruptcy is just a  few   months  so it is a lot easier  for the lawyer to beat up his complainant  than it is for the complainant  to get  justice .

We need a process which work as  fast as a bankruptcy application does, a  process    during which administrators can intervene  and assess  all  court action  between the parties  and ensure that  only matters  are filed which    have followed the rules, proper negotiation and for which  there is evidence.

No more soft touch for lawyers.  They need to be held accountable to the law  to a Higher degree than the people who they proceed against . You can help by singing the petition

The petition is down loadable here   Petition for an independent lawyers authority

Over the years I have developed a fascination  with magic.  Magic is all around us , Magic occurs when something happens and you  cannot  explain how it occurs.  But the magic goes when you discover the trick  because all magic  relies on deceit   and distraction .

Magic is used to  make something which is other wise impossible   happen and often it defies all logic.  It therefore  does not come  to any surprise that the men and women in the black  cloaks  of their medieval masters still practice this  same deceit .

Lets look at this in the context of equity law barristers  limited.

a. I was a client of Equity law limited
b. Evgeny Orlov is director of equity law and sole shareholder.The company was once a registered law firm
c. Equity law under the direction of Orlov issues false invoices
d. I make a complaint to the law society with regards to lack of time sheets and false invoicing.
e. Three years later Law society directs Orlov to reduce his invoices and refund me some $30,000
f. I issue a statutory demandwhen Orlov tells me that he refuses to pay me and that he will never pay
g. Orlov appeals to LCRO , I discover this only by way of a set aside which he  served on me
h. I advise that in view of the appeal I will not enforce the statutory demand and ask for the matter to be withdrawn from court
i. I hear nothing until day before court , Bogiatto , acting for equity advises that he will be asking for cost.
j. I go to court to argue cost
k. Bogiatto tells the judge I proceeded against the wrong entity. I am a lay litigant was not prepared for this twist and did not have a the evidence with me to argue that Orlov had been instructed to reduce the invoices.I had in any case agreed not to proceed with the statutory demand  so I lost
l. 1 A costs awarded against me.
m. Bogiatto sends an invoice for Some $5,000 I advise him that his calculations are at 1b and not 1A
n. Despite being advised he has an order sealed for the $5,000 sum
o. I tell him that a set off applies due to invoices having duplicate entries. I tell him to have a new order sealed and to let me know what the amount is
p. I hear nothing more until I was served with a bankruptcy notice some  5 months later
q. I go to the court to find the sealed order and find that there is a second sealed order for $3,000 on file, this was sealed just after my last correspondence with Bogiatto but was never served this  on me .
r. I make a complaint to the law society with regards to Bogiatto’ s actions and involvement and seek for him to be removed from the matter. He responds to the law society that he has not been instructed and that his name should not have been on the intituling. My complaint is dismissed
s. Stewart refuses to settle the matter without full payment including the bankruptcy application costs.
t. We go to court on my application to have the bankruptcy application struck out
u. The lawyers who are there are Leenoh and Gurbrinder Singh Aulakh

i. I have spoken to Gurbrinder Singh Aulakh, who tells me that he was there as “an agent “ for Stewart and associates equity law.
ii. I have advised him that he is acting in a situation of conflict of interest due to his law firm partner mr Bogiatto being a witness in the matter
iii. Mr Bogiatto claimed he had not been instructed .. but mr Akulah claims he was not there as a partner from Bogiatto firm but as an agent for Stewart equity

iv. I believe that mr Aulakh is still being supervised and does not practice on his own account. Yet he appeared as “ senior “ in the court .

v. The court advises that costs may be awarded against mr Orlov For the first bankruptcy notice and suggest that we settle between the parties
w. I am told to pay the full amount.. the Blackmail  letter is sent to reinforce that
x. I decide to pay to get this court action out o f the way and believe that I can recover my money through the lCRO decision equity law owes me 30,000 so if I pay 3,000 and not apply the set off the effect will be the same later on as if it was set off against the $30,000 and I recover $27,000.
y. But then I find that mr Orlov has his house on the market and it states that he is going over seas, soAuckland Central, 8A_4-8 Short Street _ Auckland Central _ Harcourts I stop the payment as it becomes clear to me that I will pay $3,000 and I won’t be able to recover anything from equity law due to mr Orlov having left the country and the company being left a shell.

Everything is being done so as to deny me justice  and so that Orlov can take me for as much money as he possibly can while not paying me any.

There is a real need for lawyers to be identified as to which  law firm they belong to.  law firms need to be registered under  legislation be identifiable and  suable , other wise they can   sue any one and have no accountability back , to me this has all the hall marks of a cop  giving a  person a beating  when he has handcuffed them.


level 4 (2)There is nothing that peeves me off more than  persons  who take me to court to waste my time and to cover up their own  actions.

Evgeny Orlov is such a person, and  he uses the  dirty tactics  like filing multiple actions  so that you are  over loaded and with a bit of luck something might  slip past.

The whole idea is that I should feel bullied and intimidated and  pull my neck in.   But this Russian  bully  is not going to do this to me . I will  expose him  for what he is .

He really should not be  doing anything at  all which causes me to look at  his practice.  The reality is   that he would get away with his activities  if he simply did not pick on some one who knows how to investigate. You see in New Zealand we run a system   which is based   on parking a hearse  the bottom of a cliff , we do Little or no prevention work   and the   facilities  which we do have are under resourced and over burdened.

The upshot is that  New Zealand which is  deemed to be the least corrupt  is actually very good at creating a false impression.  this   works   to help make New Zealand scam artists very rich. Most New Zealanders have a very relaxed out look  and they  simply dont concern themselves with things that dont  affect them.   so it is a perfect  back drop for New Zealand to become an international money laundering center.  There are those who are very willing to use this apathy and the very unsound company structures we have .

I Believe that we should be able to warn people  of impeding  danger  and indeed we do have freedom of speech last time I looked.  and that includes freedom of opinion . Not only is what i say beleow my honest opinion  it is  based on  research  and personal experience  it is published so that others dont have to go through what I have had to endure.

The equity group international   is in reality the  premises  of  Equity law barristers  limited . the most prominent activity there now is through  Equity trust International limited.


Orlov was struck off as a lawyer in 2013  but now appears to be  practicing through a proxy lawyer  Julia Leenoh   who was admitted to the bar in March and obtained her practicing certificate  in June.

Since then Orlov has used her services under the guise of   Stewart and associates  equity law  branch  . Julia however  is  apparently not being supervised by any one  except struck off  lawyer   Orlov.

Equity law barristers limited  is owned and directed by Orlov who in   court papers claims that he is  unemployed.

the web site for Equity law has been taken down but  documents  sourced through the archive show that  one of the persons who gave it a glowing testimonial is Steven Green.

Trust and company formation

Green just happens to be a director of  Equity trust  International   along with  Greg Stewart   who operates  an alleged branch of is law firm from Orlovs premises . the company  is   owned by  Liliya Soboleva   wife of  Orlov.

It then does not come as any surprise that the majority of the promotion of he company is done through Orlov , the directors are pretty much invisible apart from  showing on the companies register  and  Steven green putting through many of the   company registrations  for   companies  associated in the press with international money laundering.

Equity Trust International Limited
Phone: +649 303 3001
Fax: + 649 303 2018
Address: Level 4 44 Khyber Pass Rd,
Grafton, Auckland.
Mail Address: PO Box 8333, Grafton, Auckland.

Fake insurance brokers

We have now also located  the fact that a  scam insurance company ran from the same premise  level 4  44 Khyber pass ,  care of  Equity trust International. reference can be seen on the FMA web site .

C/- Equity Trust International Limited
Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road
PO Box 8333
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150
New Zealand

0064 09 303 3001
Email addresses:

Gold and Silver sales

Liliya Soboleva  Orlovs Wife is also  50% share holder in a company called Silvermoney   its web site   is registered to  equity law and again we find it   advertised in Russian  and promoted on a web site  on behalf of Equity trust

Приобретайте золотые или серебряные слитки прямо сейчас! Звоните: +649303-3001 Equity Trust International

 Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road,
Auckland, New Zealand 1023
Phone:+64 9 303-3001
FAX:+64 9 303-2018

Immigration  consultant

Orlov  as a lawyer  could be an immigration consultant, since  being struck off  he lost that  right  but immigration is being promoted  by  equity trust  in Russian of course

Land investment/ realtors 

Greg Stewart and his  wife are involved in real estate  and  so the new  banner for the Equity law  firm  under the guise of Stewart and associates also  now promotes real estate sales.

This  is also reflected in  articles as Land bank loans



Steven Green   set up the bank Breder Suasso   which is  two floors below Orlovs office , it is  the international HQ  for a bank which   shows a photo shopped picture of  a front office Spot the differencerather than revealing the reality . if you are thinking of dealing with this bank please  head the warning given by the reserve bank  with regards to unlisted banks and  off shore  finance companies.

Director for this company is Oleg KHMELEV who has  all the hall marks of being a proxy director.

breder suasso in reality

International tax agents

Equity international tax agents also operate  from the premises, which is  bit of a laugh as  Orlov  the lawyer could not  produce accurate accounts to save himself.

From personal experience  I  can say  that  I was given false invoices By Orlov and Equity law. Invoices which  did no have  invoice numbers, I was told to  rip up invoices I had already paid  and when I asked for time sheets i was double billed .

I took  the complaint to the law society   and four years later   I have had not had one cent back despite Orlov being told to reduce his invoices and refund met  some $30,000.

Instead Orlov has taken Me to court 4 times  every thing  he has been involved in  is in my book fraudulent and I recommend that any one    who deals with Evgeny Orlov or any of  his   so called  enterprises does  so with caution.

 Debt collectors

Black list debt recovery. owned and operated  by Liliya Soboleva and Alexander BUSHUEV.

Alexander BUSHUEV is a director  of several other companies   registerd to  l4v4l e 44 Khberpass . One such company  he has joint directorship with Oleg KHMELEV   who  despite claimign to live in panmure  does nto appear on the electoral roll .
Black list debt recovery was set up in April 2013  .
Registered office for   financial service providers

level 4 (3)

level 4 (1)

hedge marketing

HEDGE MARKET Inc.  is an award winning, fully regulated and licensed online forex and commodities broker.

it is  directed by Daniel Duncan GLYNN of Greenhithe and a Chin-mei HO  of Taiwan who isalso the share holder

Level4,Outsource IT Tower,44Khyber Pass Road,Grafton,Auckland 1150,New Zealand
TEL +64(9)889 1758    +64(7)808 0889    +64(9)951 8707 (Chinese Line)

this company is a  financial service provider

Dragon Forex limited is registered to the united states,   the  web site claims that the company exists   in Swanson street Auckland  but he plaque for the company is outside the  dor of the  equity chambers.

the directors are Colin Craig GARDNER 707/145 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace,   and mr Seung Hwa OH  of Korea , both directors are shareholders  along with a  Seychelles company. APM Capital Limited

this company is a  financial service provider

Excelsior Makerts  Limited.

Listed on the companies register as Excelsior Markets  Limited set up in November 2013   Steven James GREEN  is the  director  by proxy for  EXCELSIOR INTERNATIONAL LTD  31291,, Ras A Khaimah, United Arab Emirates , U.A.E.

this company is a  financial service provider

WTM Markets Limited

director  and shareholder Ejaz SARWAR of  Coventry  UK .

the company was orignally set up by Daniel Duncan GLYNN   and was probably sold on as an off the shelf company for a  foreign person   to establish a new Zealand  entity.

mr  Ejaz SARWAR comes complete with a linked in profile  and   claims to   be in Auckland

this company is a  financial service provider

Uppoint Group Limited

Again a company directed by  proxy director Steven Green  for Brian Alfred EYLER  ,514 Orchard Road, Mifflintown, Pa, 17059 , U.S.A.

It would appear that again this was  an off the self company , simple switch of the share holder and because no information is required  he could be any one.

this company is a  financial service provider

Capital Market Investments Limited

Director  Daniel Duncan GLYNN proxy director  for    shareholer and director  Abdul RASHEED  of Singapore , again a company set up by Mr Glynn ready to be flicked on

again this company is a  financial service provider


Who is Evgeny  Orlov or Eugine Narodetsky?

We cannot be certain about  Evgeny  Orlov ‘s identity  he  claims that he was  Eugine Narodetsky   and came to New Zealand as an 8 year old .If any one knows anything about him I would love to hear.



high courtThere is a real trend in New Zealand to use the court to  conceal corruption

Again I am faced   with more legal action  by those  who pervert the use of the courts   this  time by struck off Lawyer Evgeny Orlov .

This is the  Statement  of claim which he filed , the following  is my    response. The  response has be sworn this is an unsworn  copy  with live links  affidavit defamation filed

I am making it  publicly available to show  how our justice system is being used to   attack those who  show that our companies are being used  internationally  in fraud and crime.

There are many organizations like  Equity International trust and Equity law who facilitate this  .

The World Bank said last year that New Zealand is “the easiest place in the world to set up a business”. Sources say the country’s company registration process has been used over the past few years to run a series of massive money-laundering schemes reaching into eastern Europe.

I am not the only one to link  Equity law to fraud,  this is another quote  The Auckland law firm whose address is on the registration has been accused previously of being linked to international fraud scams.” this comment was made with regards  to a  fraudulent  insurance company. ” A New Zealand-based general insurer that was banned last week by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been linked to activities including international fraud scams and money-laundering.”

The statement is in relation to  Pacific Blu  presenter Equity trust International  which shares its offices address  with  Equity law barristers limited the office of Struck off  lawyer Evgeny  Orlov. His wife Lillia Sobolevia is   the share holder and the  directors are  Greg Stewart , a lawyer from Alexandra  and Steven Green  the head of the church of scientology.

The  affidavit  response and hyperlinks  are   below  the numbering has gone funny  but the links are here or refer to the  pdf  version affidavit defamation filed


I Grace Haden of Auckland Licenced private Investigator solemnly and sincerely affirm   that;-

  1. These proceedings have been taken By Evgeny Orlov for no other purpose than to use the court to conceal the fact that he and his associated companies are directly connected with international fraud, money laundering, illicit insurance schemes and Banking, through the facilitation of these activities using proxy directors and New Zealand’s unsafe company structures.
  2. The statement of claim is false ,speculative and vexatious , the content of all posts complained of are true and   based on international news reports and information obtained from the companies office . All links are accessible through the URL address and a copy of this affidavit is available under the link


  1. One of the biggest mistake I have made in my life was to engage lawyer Eugyne Orlov aka Eugine Narodetski in 2009.
  2. Orlov totally failed in his obligations as a lawyer and   totally botched my civil proceedings and in my matrimonial proceedings allowed my settlement deed to be changed without   my knowledge or consent.
  3. He was always after more money and at the end of 2010 I put my foot down and insisted on   time sheets. I had by this time received invoices without invoice numbers and despite having paid these I was told by his office   worker to screw them up and throw them out .
  4. The new time sheets which emerged were totally fabricated and   contained duplicate entries. Two easily identifiable ones on invoice 205 and 206   are nothing short of fraudulent accounting
  5. I complained to the law society and this has set him off on a trail of litigation against me. This is the fourth   court proceedings by him since filing my complaint.
  6. The first was in 2011   for alleged harassment, I had not done anything, he just feared that I was going to publish something , this was resolved by ne agreeing not to publish anything about him until after the law society had made its decision.
  7. In November 2012 the law society decided that he had to repay me some $30,000   he told me that that he was not going to pay me back and I issued a statutory demand.
  8. He immediately appealed ( I had not realised that   the appeal time was still open 0 and I discovered the appeal attached to court proceedings to set aside the statutory demand.
  9. Despite stating that I would not enforce the statutory demand due to the appeal, the process continued and I turned up in court not expecting that the grounds for the   appeal being that they claimed I had proceeded against the wrong entity.
  10. The law society had directed Orlov to   reduce his invoices and on that basis I was correct in proceeding against equity Law barristers , but this angle was sworn on me in court and I was not equipped to argue that point. Costs were awarded against me on a 1 a basis.
  11. Bogiatto who had represented equity law sent invoices for some $5,000, I advised him that his calculations were on a 1 B basis and not a 1 A.
  12. Despite this the over inflated sum was sealed. I advised them that the set off act applied due to the   simple fact that I had been invoiced twice by Equity law for items on invoice 205 and 206


  1. I never heard from him again until the LCRO contacted us and set a date.
  1. I was immediately served with these proceedings as was a friend of mine who is not involved in any manner or means. By dragging her into it Orlov has proved that he is acting totally on a speculative basis and intent on using the proceedings in a most vexatious manner.
  2. There has been no communication   prior to being served.
  3. We were originally served with documents which had not been filed in the court.
  4. We were served again a week alter and that time my documents also contained a bankruptcy notice concealed within them.
  5. The bankruptcy was on the basis of the falsely sealed document.
  6. The lawyers involved were uncooperative and I had to go to the court to sort the matter out. I found that there was a second sealed order for some $2,000 less which had never been served on me.
  7. The matter of the fees is due to go before the LCRO in September.

Complaint to the law society

  1. I have made a further complaint to the law society, Orlov is s struck off lawyer . His law firm Equity law barristers appears to remain operational through lawyer Julia Leenoh who was admitted to the bar this year and has held a practicing certificate since June.
  2. Julia   works for Stewart and associates Equity law, which is allegedly a trading name for the branch of Stewart and associates ( Alexandra ) which operates from the premises of Equity law in Auckland. She uses the email address, post office box and phone numbers of Orlov’s former practice and   it appears that she works directly under the supervisor of Orlov.
  3. I believe that Orlov has wanted to give her some hands on experience and has started by targeting me.
  4. I believe that Leenoh is acting as a proxy for Orlov.

The statement of claim

  1. The statement of claim   is extremely broad , it makes allegations that I breached an agreement.
  2. There is no evidence at all that I breached the agreement as the material produced was taken from the web sites in July 2014. The confidential agreement expired when the law society returned it decision.
  3. When Orlov failed to pay me and took me to court I updated the posts to reflect the facts more fully. The excerpts produced are not the posts as they appeared   prior to November 2013 when the agreement was in place. The agreement only related to Orlov and his practice Equity law barristers Limited.

The parties

  1. The first Plaintiff is a company
    1. Owned By Lilia Soboleva, wife of Orlov .
    2. directed By Greg Stewart who is the instructing solicitor in this matter and the man who is providing the   lawyer   by way of a bogus “ branch” so that Orlov can continue to operate his “ law practice “
    3. The second director is Steven Green who appears to administer the company records.   He also provided a testimonial for the fourth Plaintiff Equity Law .



  1. There is much cross over between this company an equity law barristers, the use the dame email address, post office box phone numbers and Evgeny Orlov appears to be the visible face behind it and promotes the company internationally.
  2. The company trades as Trust Nz   Equity Trust International Limited

Registrant Contact Name              Equitylaw ltd

Registrant Contact Address1        Level 4, New Call Tower

Registrant Contact City   Auckland

Registrant Contact Country          NZ (NEW ZEALAND)

Registrant Contact Phone             +64 9 3032008

Registrant Contact Email      

  1. The domain name registration for TRUST-NZ.COM shows

Domain Name: TRUST-NZ.COM
Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Evgeny Orlov
Registrant Organization: Equity Trust ltd
DNSSEC: unsigned

  1. The web site states “ As a law firm dealing with offshore clients we are often being approached by international agents and consultants whose clients are interested in incorporating a New Zealand company or establishing a foreign trust for international trading and/or asset protection. We are always happy to cooperate with our colleagues and help them to find the best solution for their clients.”
  2. Articles by Orlov on behalf of equity trust

i. Evgeniy Orlov for Equity Trust International February 2013

ii. Equity Trust International LTD is a professional corporate trustee…

iii.      February 29, 2012

iv.      April 6, 2012

v.      May 30, 2012

vi.      June 5, 2012 by Evgeny Orlov, Barrister, Equity Trust International

vii.      July 2, 2012

viii.      July 30, 2012 Evgeny Orlov, Barrister – Equity Law The 21st century has seen an escalating regulation of the banking industry

  1. The   second plaintiff is Orlov’s wife she is the shareholder of the first plaintiff and appears to   be the nominee for all assets for Orlov. She   is the shareholder of several companies which form the basis of the global trust / company empire administered through the equity group

company structure

  1. The company structure in 2012 expanded to some 1500 companies -companies.pdf
  2. The international press had concerns with several of these companies which is   how the posts   originated
  1. The third Plaintiff is Evgeny Orlov also known as Eugine Narodetsky , he was struck off the roll of lawyers last year but still appears to operate Equity law barristers through the proxy a recently admitted lawyer who is working directly under the supervisor of Orlov and appears to be under his direct control.
    1. Orlov was my solicitor in 2009 on matrimonial matters and   on a matter where I exposed corruption   he was very effective at false invoicing but not much else.
    2. He now uses the documents which he failed to overturn as ammunition against me. The reality is that   Mt defence of truth and honest opinion was denied and there was never a formal proof hearing. Is incompetence which is recognised and documented by the court cost me the case, ensured far more expenses and saw an endless   stream of false invoices from the fourth Plaintiff Equity law chambers.
    3. I made a complaint to the law society with regards to the false invoicing in 2011 since then Orlov has taken me to court four times.
    4. This latest attack is accompanied by a bankruptcy action   the affidavit of which I also rely on. He and his company produce false invoices for at least $30,000   and they take me to   court for bankruptcy first on a fraudulent document for about $5,000 and then on a document I have never seen before   for some $3,000 .
    5. On the intituling He claims to be unemployed yet is director of a law firm which he still operates via proxy and   still runs the trust company . This is testimony to his integrity and willingness to deceive the court.
  2. Equity law barristers Limited fourth plaintiff is an incorporated company owned and directed by struck off lawyer Evgeny Orlov. It is operating as usual, still has the signage out   and operates through the Guise of being a branch of Stewart and associate lawyers of Alexandra, a branch   known conveniently as Stewart and associates equity law incorporating both the crests of both firms.
    1. The law firm is central to number of other activities, tax agents, immigration and trust and off shore company agent , the advertising for the overseas trust / companies set up
    2. The company is the alter ego of the third plaintiff a separate legal entity when it needs to be but an extension of himself when it suits. Orlov is the sole director and shareholder
    3. It would appear that since Leenoh obtained her practicing certificate in June Orlov has had to keep her busy and made me the target.

The defendants

  1. The first defendant is a not for profit company which owns a blog but otherwise has not traded. It   exposes corruption which occurs in New Zealand so as to make people aware that New Zealand is not corruption free and to exercise diligence.
  2. The seconded defendant is a licenced private investigator and fraud investigator. I along with others have administration rights to the blog.
  3. The third defendant is a mother of 5 who supports transparency but is not in any was associated with the blog and has no ability to access or post other than through   those who do have access. Her involvement is purely vindictive because she is a friend and associate of mine.

Defamation action

  1. From the time that the posts have gone up Orlov has been aware of them, we drew his attention to them and he has had ample opportunity under section 25 .
  2. Each time the blog has been updated he has had this opportunity, he has never asked for anything to be changed.
  3. When the unfiled documents were served on us   we again advised   Greg Stewart that in the interest of fairness we would allow for the 5 day period to recommence   and could he please advise what needs to be amended   due to being   false.
  4.    We did not receive any response except   to get the same papers served  again this time after they had been filed in court and this time   with a bankruptcy notice   for a matter which I believed had been resolved through the offset act.
  5. There are simply no grounds for defamation as all information in the posts are true based on information in the international press.
  6. Since this action has commenced I have amended the   posts to remove any doubt as   to the toe origin and source of the information.
  7. Since revisiting this issue due to the court proceedings I have uncovered more fraud and deception with regards to the activities   of the Plaintiffs and will hand a full report of my findings to the FMA.

The articles

  1. The articles stem from International press with regards to proxy directors, there is nothing which has not been reported elsewhere and the amount of literature is overwhelming.
  2. Article 1 involves the company Unihold which as can be seen by the diagram above directly traces to Liliya Soboleva .The director of this company was a Latvian drunk named Erik Vanagels
  3. New items which relate to Unihold and the corruption surrounding it is reported in the following articles
  4. Items with regards to Vanagels are summarised in the international press as follows

Among the world of investigators and lawyers who unravel complex frauds, Vanagels is an almost mythical figure. His companies have been involved in a series of financial scandals and alleged frauds. These include:

  1. The Hermitage Capital fund money laundering scandal in which $230m (£146m) was allegedly looted between December 2007 and February 2008 in a fraud involving the fund’s Russian operations.
  2. Technomark Business, a London company, is alleged to have received $43m of stolen Hermitage funds that were wired to a Latvian bank account. Vanagels was a director of Technomark’s parent company.
  3. Mukhtar Ablyazov, who has been sued by BTA Bank, for which he worked, for misappropriating billions of dollars using various companies including British-based Loginex Projects. Vanagels was a shareholder and director of the companies that controlled Loginex.
  4. A Ponzi scheme that operated in America in 2009 — the Rockford Group — routed more than $500,000 illicit funds to a British company, Intercity Transit, according to court filings by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
  5. A Cypriot company in which Vanagels was a director was used as a UK corporate director of Intercity Transit.
  6. Vanagels has not just been caught up in complex financial scandals. In September 2008 Somalian pirates hijacked the Faina, a Ukrainian ship which was carrying 33 Soviet-era tanks, rocket-launch systems and anti-aircraft guns bound for Sudan, which was the subject of an arms embargo. It emerged that the ship had been chartered by Marine Energy Trading Company (METC), a UK firm. Vanagels was a shareholder and director of the companies that owned METC.
  7. More recently, in May 2010, the High Court ruled on allegations that a Shell trader, Evgeny Tikhonov, had hidden commissions in an offshore deal. Tikhonov was acquitted, but Shell is still pursuing him for compensation, along with a company that received some of the funds, T Capital Ltd (TCL).
  8. In a High Court judgment in July 2010, Mr Justice Jack identified a familiar figure. His judgment stated: “TCL was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and Mr Erik Vanagels was the nominee shareholder and director.”
  9. Vanagels has also been named in a financial scandal in Ukraine in which it was alleged that the government was overcharged for pharmaceuticals.

  1. It appears that exactly the same is occurring through new Zealand Vanagels had 282 New Zealand companies registered to him
    1. Most have been struck off two remain with Vanagel as director both of these companies have their registered office at the premises of the   first and fourth Plaintiffs.

i.      Bergstone

ii.      Eurozone

  1. Unihold remains registered at 4/44/Khyber pass and Liliya Soboleva remains the ultimate shareholder, the director has now been changed to Manti EFFROSYNI11 Stavrou Stylianidi Street, Flat 3, Level 2, Nicosia, 2024 , Cyprus
  2. Several other companies which were previously directed by Vanagels also remain registered to the premises of the first and fourth Plaintiffs with new overseas directors.
  3. Web references and reports



















  1. Another company which was managed by one of the companies ultimately owned by the second plaintiff was Falcona systems . The news item NZ shell company linked to alleged $150m fraud refers to Falcona Systems Ltd
    1. Falcona systems is owned by Interhold Limited registered to the address of the first and fourth plaintiffs
    2. Falcona systems through Inter hold , Genhold and trust New Zealand holdings is ultimately owned by Liliya Soboleva the second plaintiff all these companies have their registered office at the premises of the t first and fourth plaintiffs.

i.      Source











  1. Another such company is Corlex sales Limited again registered office Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland, 1023 , New Zealand shareholder Maxhold- unihold -genhold- Nz trust Holding. And ultimately Soboleva .
    1. Corlex was set up by a Latvian called Voldemar Spatz and a later director was another Latvian called Inta Bilder. Both men are the directors of hundreds of companies around the world including some which have been linked to serious financial scandals.



  1. Director Inta Bilder features in many directorships of the companies ultimately owned by Soboleva the news report the following.
  2. A further   proxy director also holds directorships in   the Plaintiffs companies is Latvian Stan Gorin , all these directors and companies are entwined “The tender was won by Cardiff-registered Highway Investment Processing LLP, which lists Stan Gorin as a director according to the UK’s Companies House. The only other company to “compete” in the tender was Falcona Systems Limited, registered in New Zealand and listing another Latvian, Inta Bilder, as director. It will come as no surprise that this company was founded by Interhold, which lists the ubiquitous Erik Vanagels as a director. “
  3. When most of these scandals occurred the companies office acted and struck off many   entities with these persons as their directors   however some remain the   plaintiffs address level 4 44 Khuber pass is till the registered address for
    1. 2 companies By Erik Vanagles
    2. 12 companies Directed by Inta Bilder

Further companies are registered to the address   for directors who have been named as persons of concern in the international press these persons are

  1. Fernando Enrique MONTERO DE GRACIA of panama who directs
    2. GENHOLD – the company which owned Falcona systems through its subsidiary Interhold




  1. Iosif FRANGOS
    1. 5 companies Iosif appears to be a lawyer Iosif Frangos Law office – Cyprus Law
  2. Edgardo MEDINA Bistrans and TWH group
  3. Anastasia KOUMIDOU, 23 companies all registered to the first and fourth Plaintiffs address, this has all the hall marks of another   Cypriot proxy director “All but one of the remaining live Bilder, Vanagels and Spatz companies, and a few more that have crept in, in the time since 2011, are now directed by three Cypriots: 34 by Manti Effrosyni, 20 by Anastasia Koumidou, and 18 by Petr Zika.”
  4. Leah TOURELEO has four companies registered level 4 44 khyber pass , naked capitalism noted that “But if there are other ‘tells’, such as heavy use of a small set of stooge directors, the outsourcing deal and the underlying network are still detectable. Just such a deal seems to have been going on between GT Group of New Zealand and The Company Net of New Zealand.  Among the tells are GT Group stooge Agnes Jouaneau, shared by GT Group and The Company Net, and Leah Toureleo, who is employed by GT Group and successors, and also shared by GT Group and The Company Net.
  5. Manti EFFROSYNI has a total of 29 active companies at 44 Khyber pass, He is the director of UNIHOLD , INTERHOLD and MAXHOLD his address is 11 Stavrou Stylianidi Street, Nicosia, CY-2023 , Cyprus   which is probably just up the road from KOUMIDOU, Anastasia
    1. He is shown on open corporates to have been involved in 107 New Zealand and 2 United Kingdom
    2. He also gets a mention on naked capitalism New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia

Oh, here we go, Panama again. Genhold Limited’s director is Fernando Enrique Montero de Gracia, Calle Primera, Panama Viejo, House 496, Panama City, Republic Of Panama. De Gracia is also a director of Pacific Metal Recycling and Trading Ltd, which is wholly owned by Maxhold Limited, whose director is Manti Effrosyni, of Cyprus. Now, if the Russian Mafia is behind this, it’s only right that there would be a Cyprus connection somewhere:”

  1. And also New Zealand: the Shell Company Incorporation Franchises (V) (and Panama and Switzerland)

Genius Management Limited, formerly directed by Erik Vanagels of Panama, then by Manti Effrosyni of Cyprus, is now directed, for no immediately obvious reason, by another Panamanian, Doria Imelda Yunda Mina.

Ah, but here’s the reason: Genius Management has switched company agent too. Its agent is no longer Equity Trust International; as of the 4th March 2014, just a few weeks ago, the agent is Panasuisse (New Zealand) Ltd.”

  1. Petr Zika has 17 companies “Petr Zika, directs BRITHOLD, which is owned by the same GENHOLD Limited mentioned by Stuff. Zika directs another 124 New Zealand companies. The network is getting bigger!”
  2. Roger Alberto SANTAMARIA DEL CID directed 28 companies at one time his address is Colinas Del Sol, Main Street, House 219, Republic Of Panama ,he currently directs just one which is about to be struck off
    1. He features in Faux Corporate Directors Stand in for Fraudsters, Despots and Spies
    2. October 2010, Santamaria was named in press reports as the Panamanian contact for an Internet investment scam, Imperia Invest IBC, which defrauded 14,000 investors worldwide of about $7 million. They included about 6,000 deaf people from the U.S. states of Utah, Maine, Wisconsin and Texas.
    3. “A Florida-based task force that specializes in detecting and uncovering massive fraud schemes brought the EMG/Finanzas Forex case last year. Del Cid, Perfect Money’s purported contact person in Panama, is listed as EMG’s “Secretary” in court filings that allege that tens of millions of dollars seized in the probe were tied to the international narcotics trade.”
    4. Furthermore, in the wacky offshore world of Philip Burwell’s IOS, there is precedent for a New Zealand company suddenly ditching its Latvian stooge director for a Panamanian stooge director. For instance, you can see Latvian Inta Bilder replaced by Panamanian Roger Alberto Santa Maria Del Cid as director of Normiso Limited.
  3. Christina Van den bergOnly one NZ company is active   the address 44 Khbyer pass first registered 13 Mar 2013
    2. After the legendary Vanagels and Gorin, a new generation of nominee directors has born.

Further fraudulent companies

  1. It is not just the directors of the companies which the plaintiffs facilitate who are seen by the world as Undesirable but   they also register and   facilitate other   scams such as this reported on the FMA web site,-alerts-and-scams/names-of-firms-and-individuals-to-be-wary-of#PacificBluL.P

Pacific Blu L.P (Limited Partnership)

C/- Equity Trust International Limited
Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road
PO Box 8333
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150
New Zealand


General Partner:
Streamline Enterprises Corporation
0832-00680 World Trade Centre

Angel Lorenzo

0064 09 303 3001

Email addresses:

Reason for publishing: False/misleading advertising.

Published on this site December 2013

Pacific Blu was registered as a Limited Partnership on 24 January 2013 by the Registrar of Companies, New Zealand, pursuant to the New Zealand Limited Partnerships Act 2008.
A person cannot be in the business of acting as an insurer in New Zealand unless they are registered on the New Zealand Financial Service Providers Register for that service. Pacific Blu is not included on this Register. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, which is responsible for licensing insurers carrying on business in New Zealand, also does not include Pacific Blu on its list of licensed insurers.

  1. The FCA warns that customers may not be aware that they have entered into an unregulated insurance contract under which there appears to be no regulatory protection.
  6. New Zealand-based general insurer that was banned last week by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been linked to activities including international fraud scams and money-laundering.”

“The Auckland law firm whose address is on the registration has been accused previously of being linked to international fraud scams.”

The World Bank said last year that New Zealand is “the easiest place in the world to set up a business”. Sources say the country’s company registration process has been used over the past few years to run a series of massive money-laundering schemes reaching into eastern Europe.

Last year New Zealand was removed from a European Union banking and corporate “whitelist” for having insufficient legislative safeguards against money-laundering and terrorist financing.  Russia was removed from the list at the same time

Other services provided

  1. claimed to be A division of Equity Law Barristers
    1. The web site is now closed but an archived copy is still available there it would appear that Orlov lost his capacity to give Immigration advice when he was struck off

  1. Banking , Orlov   wrote an article about Banking in New Zealand July 30, 2012 Evgeny Orlov, Barrister – Equity Law The 21st century has seen an escalating regulation of the banking industry
  2. His associate Steven Green through the first Plaintiff facilitate the setting up of BREDER SUASSO LIMITED.
  3. In the constitution it states The Company” means RAY’S LIMITED; which connects this to another trail of overseas companies
  4. The directors consent was completed by Steven James GREEN ( EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ) Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road Grafton
  5. The company operates from Level 2, 44 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, it is listed as an Off shore bank but is not registered as a bank in New Zealand
  6. The International Head office reported to be 44 Khyber pass and shows and impressive office, this picture however is fraudulent having been taken from a interior design web site

  1. The office is unattended and the matter has been reported to the FMA.
  2. The other director Mr Oleg KHMELEV has other companies associated with the first and fourth plaintiffs and appears to be a local proxy director.
  1. I worked from the premises of Equity law in 2006 the then receptionist was also one of these proxy directors, she later contacted me and advised me that she felt very uncomfortable about this and I helped her resign. He companies were then passed on the Leah Toureleo of Vanuatu as director.

Addressing allegations in the statement of claim.

  1. Item 20 states the items remain published on the web sites.. yes they do  they are true   of public interest , news worthy and  they are not there to attack any one .
  2. item 21 statement of claim  Not one of the items referred to state that there is any intention, it merely shows an ongoing relationship with these proxy directors , it would appear that the interpretation of the posts have been taken completely out of context.
  3. Item 22.   This makes no sense at all   paragraph 19   states “The First and Second Defendants caused to be published or published on the website mentioned in paragraph [16] one article whose text and dates of publication are particularised below. “ The entire posts as the stood in July 2014 are then   printed.
  4. Item 22.1 The photographs identify who the directors are.
  5. Item 22.2 the publication merely connects the costs for setting up companies with the number of companies.   I can deduce from that the Orlov’s plea of poverty   is dubious.
  6. 22.3 this is a straight question and linked to a relevant external new item the facts are below all these companies   mentioned and the directors come under the plaintiffs umbrella ‘Falcona Systems main shareholder is Interhold Ltd, of Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland…

This location seems to have a profusion of alternative versions in the register; for instance:

Level 4 Outsource It Tower, Grafton, Auckland 1150, New Zealand
Level 4 Newcall Tower, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland , New Zealand
Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland

Simply searching the register for “44 Khyber Pass” gives 1036 active companies. Evidently this too is a popular address for company registrations, so perhaps that is an overcount. Narrowing the search to the known-to-be-dodgy “Level 4 Khyber Pass” still gives 594 results though. Yikes!

Back to Stuff, who were talking about Interhold Limited:…It, in turn, is owned by Genhold Ltd, of the same address, with a Panama-resident director.

Oh, here we go, Panama again. Genhold Limited’s director is Fernando Enrique Montero de Gracia, Calle Primera, Panama Viejo, House 496, Panama City, Republic Of Panama. De Gracia is also a director of Pacific Metal Recycling and Trading Ltd, which is wholly owned by Maxhold Limited, whose director is Manti Effrosyni, of Cyprus. Now, if the Russian Mafia is behind this, it’s only right that there would be a Cyprus connection somewhere:

Typically, Russian investors create “brass-plate” companies to take advantage of Cyprus’s low 10% corporate tax rate. Many of these funds are reinvested back in Russia – ¤1.4bn [sic] in 2008 – avoiding Russian tax. The Cypriot authorities angrily deny that the island is a haven for money laundering. They also point out that Russians invest more cash in Austria and the UK.

But many analysts are sceptical: “We are talking about Russian money laundered through Cyprus. The Russian mafia uses Cyprus extensively,” said Hubert Faustmann, associate professor of European studies at Nicosia University. “This is why Russia has no interest in Cyprus going down economically.”

Tax havens and organized crime go together like dung and flies. Well, we knew that.Anyway, via the Cyprus connection, another modest opportunity to trump Stuff’s piece turns up: Manti Effrosyni is in fact the director of 88 other New Zealand companies. Meanwhile another Cyprus resident, Petr Zika, directs Brithold, which is owned by the same Genhold Limited mentioned by Stuff. Zika directs another 124 New Zealand companies. The network is getting bigger!

  1. 22.4 No it does not have fraudulent innuendo it shows that people who were alert to their environment got out while the going was good.   I can call many lawyers   to back me up on this one, how many will be enough?
  2. 22.5. I do have to wonder about Mr Stewart. Again honest opinion   must people have seen through Orlov but I have to admit he is very persuasive and always makes the other person out to be the bad guy, including the courts.
  3. 22.6 I think the evidence of the bank Breduer Suasso and the Insurance Company Blu pacific speak for themselves.
  4. 22.7 The fact that Eric Vanagels still operates companies through the plaintiffs to me proves that the activities of the companies he supposedly directs is condoned by them.
  5. 22.8 as can be seen with Breder Suasso, companies are already registered ready to change their names and bring in foreign shareholders and directors. This is an observation from fact and honest opinion.
  6. Paragraph 25?? Paragraph 17 states The Second and Third Defendants jointly control and administer the content of a website titled Transparency International New Zealand. This is total speculation   and no truth to this what so ever
  7. 26. The statement is false yes we agree the statement that   Rochelle and I administer the web site is false.
  8. 26.1   The evidence speaks for itself, the companies  in their company structure run by the proxy directors are involved in international money laundering, and the plaintiffs provide the frame work to facilitate it. Truth
  9. 26.2 That statement has not been made, however the newspaper items show that the address and the companies ultimately owned by the second plaintiff are frequently involved in international crime. If she felt uncomfortable with her connection with the crime she could resign and close down the companies.
  10. 26.3 I never said that they did   I do know that when Liliya was the office administrator she issued invoices without invoice numbers on them.. To me that is tax avoidance.
  11. 26.4 facts speak for themselves. They provide directors   as proxies. That is never the intention of New Zealand company law.
  12. 26.5 The news items   show that the companies which are direct subsidiaries   of the companies owned by the second plaintiff and administered by the   first plaintiff are associated with the international events. These companies would not exist if it were not for them.
  13. 27. The first defendant is a corporate it cannot have   its own intention or be malicious, the items published in the name of the first defendant were as shown based on international news items derived from many sources.
  14. 29 The New Zealand Company’s office has been striking off companies with proxy directors.   This is directly due to the integrity of the companies and nothing to do with anything   that he defendants may have said or done.
  15. 29.2 The fact that the first Plaintiff lost money is not my problem   see the ministry of economic development about that and the new laws. I am not a scape goat
  16. 29.3 The second plaintiff became a mother last year, this frequently has an effect on income. Also the international press reporting her involvement   may well have had an impact on   matters and not just anything that may have bene published on She is still a director of many companies. Including new ones registered in the past year.
  17. 29.4   the cause of this may be the tightening of our company laws and the spot light on the activities at level 4   44 Khyber pass. Including Orlov being struck off as a lawyer
  18. 29.5 hope the IRD looks at this in contrast to previous earnings.
  19. 29.6 becoming a mother losing your job at the law firm which had its owner struck off would  have this kind of effect. I lost similar sums when I  became a mother
  20. 30 the terms were confidential,   confidentially which the third plaintiff has breached. The application was his not because I had done anything but he must have feared what I could find out. It was totally vexatious. I have not breached it, the law society has made its decision the agreement has lapsed. The extracts provided were not those which were up on the site at the time when the agreement was in place.
  21. 31 this provision was complied with Liliya Soboleva and Equity trust international were not part of the agreement.
  22. 32 the first defendant was not part of the   agreement. I was not the sole director and shareholder, the   plaintiffs have to get their facts rights.
  23. The agreement was not breached I have no control over the international press.


  1. My defence is truth, I have not stated anything which has not been reported in the overseas press.
  2. The plaintiffs have been given the opportunity to provide evidence as to why the statements made were not truthful and have failed to provide anything.
  3. It appears that this court action is being taken against me and my associate for no other reason as to incur legal expenses stress and     waste time.
  4. I hope that I have not wasted my time as the full investigation that I have had to undertake will be sent to the international press consortiums who are focused on New Zealand.
  5. It is my professional opinion that through the company structures and the directors which the plaintiffs are involved with, that they are facilitating criminal matters of international significance   which reflect badly on New Zealand


  1. The action is vexatious   as ample opportunity for correction has been given
  2. There is no   “contempt of court” as I abided with the agreement, it has now expired and   screen dump taken in July 2014 is not evidence of what was on the site prior to November 2013.
  3. This matter is an example of how people who facilitate criminal behaviour use the civil jurisdiction of the court   to beat up those who expose illicit activity.


  1. The reason I am self-represented is that the last time I engaged a lawyer he was incompetent and over charged. And while the law society struck him off, I have been left with massive financial deficit and no support in putting right the   wrong and the injustice which Orlov has brought   about.
  2. The investigations into this matter have been huge and I hope the court will compensate for that, but in any case Orlov won’t pay   and the sport of this is to show that he owes me $30,000 plus but can make me pay him.
  3. He is using the court to pervert the course of justice he should be charged with criminal offences.

Affirmed at Auckland this 19 th day of August 2014

Before me


It is timely with Nicky Hager‘s  publication of Dirty politics that  we examine the corruption behind the  dirt.

I am in the process of putting together my  submissions for the select committee  to  substantiate my  petition for an Independent commission agaisnt corruption .

I have already done an informal post Why I initiated a Petition for a commission against corruption.

On that post we covered off  several headings  our concerns with regards to the  rather nontransparent system which appears to be operating in parliament. All the  issues   can be attributed to one single  underlying  problem .  There is no code of conduct for members of parliament .

Labour MP Ross Robertson has for the past 13 years been battling   to get Parliament to  accept a code of conduct for MPs. see story

There is a cabinet manual  which touches on  Code of conduct and holds ministers   accountable to the  Prime Minister for their behaviour. This however does not extend to   members of parliament who are not ministers they are responsible to their party leaders.

New Zealand MPs do have a register of pecuniary interest  the requirements for this are set out in  appendix B  of the standing orders .

The   returns are found   at this link . Again as  with so many registers in New Zealand there is nothing which compels the truth  and no consequences for  deliberate omissions.  The integrity  of the register is  therefor  solely dependent on the integrity of those who  provide the information.

In Australia we see a different scene  and a magnificent summary which  also    looks at New Zealand  and notes that

The parliamentary practice states that :

As occasion requires, ministerial guidelines may be issued by the Cabinet or the Prime Minister to deal with particular circumstances that have arisen (such as the conduct to be observed by Ministers involved in mayoral election campaigns). However, these ministerial codes of conduct are political guidelines adopted by Governments to guide their own conduct. They have no statutory origin and are not regarded as being legally enforceable. Their significance depends upon the sense of commitment to public office held by Ministers and on their political responsibility to Parliament and public opinion.

New Zealand Parliamentary Practice notes that:

Except in the case of financial interests, the House has not adopted any detailed ethical guidelines for its members, taking the view that advice about appropriate behaviour is primarily a matter for induction training and internal party discipline.

And so it  is that the system  which operates in Our government today   revolves around the prim ministers top drawer.

Conduct which should be independently  investigated is retained until a suitable   ” spat arises”  party Politics are never far  away and we are constantly reminded that the  governance is   a war between left and right.

While  it is the conduct of  the house which should be considered we find  that  the  protects its members as  do the other parties.

Being the prime minister allows better access than any one   to the dirt  and  you simply hold on to it  to trade off    and save the neck of one of your own.

it is of note that  the code of conduct and ethics is linked to    ICAC particularly  involving Lobbying.   It appears that elections may be    time for open slather  of those wishing  favours  in the   forth coming terms  to help  provide a leg up   for the party who  is to deliver   the goods. see this link .

The   open door to the Westminster  style  of  parliament is that   it places the prim minister   in total control of the conduct  of the ministers  and the Prime minister  does not even require  formal parliamentary  authorization  to alter amend or interpret anything   he likes  as he likes.

It is therefore a matter of playing the game   and while we frown upon bullying in the playground, the same tactics are essential  for  political  survival.   Its all count getting   your bum on  the hot seat so that you can steer  your  country   for  what  could well be  private  financial  gains.     why not?    we dont have  any  law agaisnt  it!

money launderingNew Zealand  is renowned for  its ease of settling up a company.  A company is a new legal person  and separate legal entity.  Each company  generally has  the same rights and privileges in law afforded to a real   or natural person .( the type that  breathes )

There appears to be two sets of  standards though  one afforded to natural  people  the other to   legal persons (  corporates )

A real person  takes 9 months to develop  in utero  and 18 years after their  birth attains  legal  age where  he/she  can    own property , make independent decisions , sign contracts   etc. there are no short cuts  and you cannot cheat . Claiming a false age  , false parenthood,  nationality , identity  are generally considered serious offences.

Then there  is the second type of person  the corporate.. body of persons  or  company. – the legal person

The legal person   can be  created by any one in the world , all it takes is an online trip to the  NZ  companies office.   You will need a NZ address but no one will check if you actually live there.  if you dont live there they will ask yo to update the records.

It has  been made slightly trickier now  due to  the requirement   for  a log in  but   dont fret  there is noting that a few $$  wont overcome, there are plenty agencies willing to help

You dont even need to be truthful  about  the ownership   of the company and this can be disguised  behind trusts and behind other persons called nominees. Not only will you for  the princely sum of $160  get a New Zealand company  you will also have  a NZ identity.

To avoid   displaying the  overseas ownership  of  your new company you can use  an address in New Zealand  you could use a friends address and  perhaps use the  motel that you stayed in  the last time you  visited.

We have seen directors  and share holders who are one and the same  using different name  and different signatures.  the   system is    open to such abuse that  it is limitless… one checks.

As director  you  can use your middle name  and mothers surname  or  what every you   feel like being known as this week    you should be a real person  but as we will show  in our example   imaginary people  can be directors    and liquidators. .The good news is  we no longer have a national  Enforcement unit  we have an integrity unit  who  simply ask you to correct the details.   No penalties for Bullshit here.

So imagine if a foreigner wants to purchase real estate in NZ but  cant get authority,   they can  set up a company  ,  use it to set up a second company   and buy   a house.  They  can then  on sell the   company and the assets without any need for    conveyancing.  and the house  will  transfer as   part of the   assets of the company.

In short the company registration is totally  unsafe and   only the records of honest people have integrity .

The Transparency International  Integrity report  recognized that

  the ease of company registration  has been exploited for fraudulent purposes by international actors and New Zealanders.

This is compounded   by the lack of due diligence  employed by our companies office   and lack of enforcement.

New Zealand companies are  an invitation to international money laundering.

There is no  doubt  that there are laws in place to deal with  fraudulent application to the   companies office but these are no longer  enforced.

The last    published  conviction is for  DR Gerald WATERS,  who was  running a company for  scamster Jonathan Mann   Waikato doctor fights convictions  and also see Jonathon Mann seeks to silence victims  and

Several years ago I was  also involved on the periphery of a case with a fictional director and   liquidator
Fresh Prepared Limited  owed a lawyer  $64,000.  the company  was directed by Lynne PRYOR  Unit 1, 135 Grey St, Onehunga, Auckland she directed it on behalf of her boss Terry Hay , (Business partner of David Nathan )Instead of  paying the lawyers  Hay on sold the company to  Sanjay PATEL  01 Nov 2006 who on 30 Jan 2007 appointed Liquidator Babubhai Patel  of Papakura.  It transpired that both ” men”  were fictional  Babubhai  even shifted  to Mumbai and his affidavits  witnessed by a solicitor in Shanghai .Fortunately in those days there was such a thing as  National enforcement unit in the  companies office , one which actually prosecuted.  Lynne PRYOR and Terry Hay were both charged with   some 22 fraud offences . see news items Charges over alleged fake liquidator  and  Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt . Hay   took off to Honolulu his home turf  and stayed   low  until  Pryor had been dealt with in the  courts ,  she was able to  bargain away 21 charges as Hay was the prime offender. Lynne Pryor was disqualified from  being a director   but she  remains at the premises which have now become a new company doing the same as before , business as  usual , her brother Graham Pryor is supposedly her supervisor . this company is now called Salad foods  . Salad foods share holding is  hidden in a solicitors trust, but it used to be Terry Hay  whose financial interests were in this company.

The transition of Fresh prepared into salad Foods was not  simple for a bit there there was another company in the mix   SALAD FOODS (1992) LIMITED  directed and allegedly owned by  Gui Li , Hays girlfriend at the time  who used her parents  Shanghai address.

Hay managed to  have the  charges dropped after he had  done a deal with government the response is on FYI  Download View as HTML

But sadly it appears that these falsehoods are  now condoned.   I have always noted that when ther is no consequence to an action   the abuse will increase.

This  brings me back to this weeks Chinese company   care of the British Virgin Island .

Milk New Zealand Investment  was allegedly the share holder   but had no real   identifiable existence.

Yesterday the   entry was changed on the companies register. the company is now shown as

Milk New Zealand Investment Limited  Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town, Tortola , British Virgin Is.

All changed with the   flick of a pen  effectively having the  effect of transferring the beneficial  ownership of massive blocks of New Zealand pasture and all done apparently without a shred of evidence. I have requested  the proof. will keep you posted

truthThere are Many New Zealanders who know all too well  of the corruption in New Zealand.  There are also many who  dismiss   corruption as a conspiracy theory.

Invariably the ones  who agree with every word I say are the ones who have been exposed to corruption and found that it is  wave that  washed over you and consumes assets  on the way .

The only people who do not see corruption are the ones in denial   who  desperately want to believe the rhetoric because of the financial advantage it holds for them.

Amateur sleuths  can have a field  day  with uncovering corruption in New Zealand   but most are foiled by the presumption that  ” things will have been done properly.” The reality is that we  do not have proper systems or safe guards in place and our company  registration is easily  foiled

Trading names  are commonly used and it is not  unusual to find that   companies swap names   or trade in the name of another company.  so  it is always important o know who you are actually dealing with.

You can buy a house in the name of a company  and  then on sell the company , there by changing the   directors and share holders of the company and   the assets transfer  to new  owners without need  for  conveyancing as the ownership of the  property has not changed,  just change in   ownership of the company.

Like any magic trick  you   dont believe it can be done until you see  how it is done, then  you will notice  that it is  happening more  than  you ever thought.  its like buying a purple car, once you have one you see them every where. The reality is that nothing has changed only  that   you now  have an awareness.

Looking at the companies involved in  the Milk New Zealand   group of companies  , it is noted that the company Milk New Zealand Investment Limited  does not appear on the New Zealand register   but  it appears on the  company genealogy .

Rumour has it  that  the company is registers in the  British virgin Island, but even if it does  there is no evidence to show that this is he company  which is the share holder  of the multi million dollar  chain of companies.

We have already seen that  the Chinese company Hunan Roland animal husbandry Co., Ltd. is  selling off shares in our land.  

Our company  registration is   so unsafe that   it is a possibility that this company which has never been considered as  a potential purchaser is the actual owner of our land .

we can only wait and see.   time  will tell .