After a very lone battle  on my own for the past 6 years  the  society for promotion of community standards has  come to my aid .

I received a call from them   recently, they  had spoken to Neil wells and after speaking  with him believed that I was the bad  guy.

However  they took time to listen  and saw that  I was not seeking to be vexatious  but was  questioning very real corruption and was  able to supply  them not only with answers  to their  questions  but also hard evidence which supported my claims.

As a result of their  independent investigation they have posted  four items on their blog

AWINZ – registered charity – loses “approved organisation” status. Trust Deed subject of fraud allegations

AWINZ – a registered “animal welfare” charity spends $126,850 on defamation proceedings over four years

AWINZ – The Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand – an unincorporated trust under investigation

Inquiry into The Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ) – unincorporated charitable trust & registered charity

I had all but  give up hope that any one in new Zealand cared about  corruption .  Thank you to the team at Society for Promotion of Community Standards inc  for your  independent investigation .

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