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Congratulations Pita you are on to it!

I have read the article   and agree with every bit of it.

The police go for  simple policing  anything that gives a  quick  clearance    and the courts are harsher on some people than they are on others.

When I was a cop in south Auckland I remember attending  the scene of a burglary,    no entry had been gained and here was little damage. Nearby there was a Maori   gentleman  I asked  him what he had in his bag, ,  he showed me inside it-  it was empty apart from a crow bar.

I had to arrest him and he was cooperative, I expressed his cooperation in the court report and he got  3 months.  Which I thought was grossly unfair and disproportionate.

On the other hand I find that it is impossible to make a police complaint against   white collar criminals who commit offences which sit under the threshold of the SFO.

Perjury for example is one offence which is never prosecuted and so the door is wide open for anyone to  swear anything  as true   and not have accountability.

To try to lay a complaint against a barrister is almost impossible  and it therefore proves that in New Zealand   we are not all equal   we don’t have the same access to the law  , we do not have the same access to  our  rights under the bill of rights  and there is a  lot more corruption out there than any one wants to admit to.

We set up lots of investigation agencies, we have the LCRO,SFO, IPCA , IRD, MAF, NEU, housing New Zealand etc .. why don’t we  just  roll them all into one  independent  commission againt corruption  and   we will get rid of the obstacles which prevent matters from being investigated properly.

Only by stomping on corruption will we stay ahead of it.

Corruption is like a cancer, every little bit which remains    takes on a life of its own.

Only when Lawyers  Police and people in positions  of power  are held accountable  will we make progress,  statistics of people in Jail are meaningless    they only serve as an illusion that the system is working.

There are more real criminals in Remuera than there are in Otara.

Go the Old boys!  Bring in a commission against corruption.