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Vince Siemer returned to New Zealand this morning and was arrested at the airport.

It was a well-known fact that he was out of the country, he  is a bankrupt and had to  get permission from the  official assignee to return to his country of  birth, he also had to advise them that he was returning.

The mere fact that he returned knowing he would be arrested and  sent to Mount Eden shows the  calibre of the  man. He could have absconded, but then that is probably what the powers that be wanted because Vince is a threat to the New Zealand illusion, the perception that we are corruption free.

Vince is bankrupt because he questioned the methods of Michael Stiassny whilst liquidating a company  .

When you consider  that those who  suffer personal injury  and are  crippled for life  struggle to get cost awards  (ee RSA victim can sue Corrections) Stiassny a wealthy successful business man who did not get a scratch on him   when Vince expressed his opinion of the methods  which had been used ,  received a cost award of $940,000 . And so Vince Siemer was bankrupted.

Being bankrupted and having his family destroyed is not enough   and now Vice is being sent back to prison for the third time   all in an attempt to silence him.  But  why go to this length to silence him  is it because  what Vince is saying  could actually be true?

And why  in a country where we  supposedly have freedom of expression  is someone denied a defence for  speaking the truth and  penalised more than we   sentence our criminals too.

Is crime a lesser offence than speaking the truth?

Why can’t we speak the truth? Is it because the truth hurts and reveals  the reality which could destroy the illusion?

Why is Vince’s opinion of Stiassny  being reacted to  in such an over the top manner? And why is Stiassny getting all this protection from the state  when others  struggle to  get compensation for real  damage  or  have their complaints heard.

Does the fact that Stiassny is associated with a large number of public entities such as Vector  have anything to do with his apparent preferential treatment?

Is he being supported by those  in high places  who know  him and believe they trust him , just as Hubbard  is being supported  by those who personally trust him ?( but  have no material facts other than their own belief)

When we judge the calibre of people  by our  gut instincts and not  by real evidence and  send people to prison rather than investigate, you have to wonder  are we still in the middle ages.

The amount of public money that has been spent on silencing Vince  could have been  well placed in a proper impartial investigation  which would have  put  the issue to rest once and for all.

Corruption in New Zealand is addressed by the hear no evil see no evil speak no evil philosophy.  This is vital to our culture to ensure that our corruption free status is preserved.

Heaven forbid if the reality was to be  seen.

What ever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

If Stiassny’s reputation was that great wouldn’t Vince’s comments have been like water off a ducks back?

In my experience where there is smoke there is fire.

Why do we support some and not others?  What is up with New Zealand ?

‘Loyalty can be a fine trait. Not, however, when it is unreasoning. That, regrettably, is the lot of those who have begun campaigns in support of Allan Hubbard, the 82-year-old South Island financier.

Newspaper advertising asking people who have been helped by Mr Hubbard to send protest emails to the Prime Minister or the Commerce Minister has begun, and yesterday hundreds rallied in support of him in Timaru”….. Editorial: Support of Hubbard misguided loyalty

While  Government is investigating  Allan Hubbard there are many jumping to  his defence. I am pretty certain that none of them will have the  facts in front of them and are apparently supporting him from  nothing but an  emotive point of view.

But what about others?   Vince Siemer for example.. His crime was to question  the activities of Michael Stiassny.

Michael Stiassny is  a corporate  Director, a liquidator and has many  people in high places including fellow directors who are married to Judges.  He has also been seen sitting next to the John Key ( the now prime minister )   .. Got to be a great guy

For this crime he has been denied  a right of defence  and  has been sent to  jail twice and will  more than likely be arrested at the air port tomorrow morning on his return to New Zealand.

I have also suffered at the hands of questioning corruption.

I questioned why a council manager  could collect donations  for the ” voluntary” work his staff performed  and prioritized over the council duties.   The manager ” contracted”  to an organisation which he had set up   but had no evidence of  having existed beyond a trading name for himself.  The donations into a bank account which only he  controlled. and it later transpired that he had written the legislation  for this concept and  had advised on the bill  in situations of undisclosed conflict of interest  .

This man is a fine upstanding citizen, A barrister , a Baptist Elder and  a past president of the RNZSPA..  Great guy must be trusted.

About AWINZ – Animal welfare institute of New Zealand

No serious fraud office investigation on any of these matters  and both Vince and I  suffered the  consequences  which  whistleblowers apparently need to endure.

It would be nice if all those who supported Hubbard took the stand that they supported the right to   a fair trial  a right to have every one made accountable to the same laws in the same manner  and  have this done based on verified facts and not on fiction.

What is New Zealand doing about corruption – why is it better to be a fraudster than Question corruption ?

Its time we judge people on facts  not on perception .

The best con person knows that first you get their trust …..

Let the facts speak for themselves and  do not shoot the messenger!

When there is an over the top reaction  there is usually a nerve that has been  hit.

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